The Anti-racism Myth: A Flight into the Cuckoo’s Nest

An Asian woman’s experience of racist harassment at Bournville College and in a lecturer’s union (NATFHE).

A comprehensive account of the events as they happened. This is a detailed account involving NATFHE’s Bournville Branch; the West Midlands Regional and Birmingham Liaison Committees; the West Midland’s Women’s Panel and Anti-Racist Committee; national and regional full-time officials; the Birmingham Local Education Authority and the Birmingham Labour Party;  an Industrial Tribunal, Employment Appeal Tribunal and an application to the Court of Appeal; as well as considerable press coverage.

The account shows the lengths to which NATFHE officialdom and its lay officers, the union’s West Midlands Broad Left Coalition and the Birmingham Labour Council went to cover up harassment in the union’s ranks and among city council employees.

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