The Anti-racism Myth: A Flight into the Cuckoo’s Nest, Source Documentation (26 Files)

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File F  (3MB)       File G  (3.4MB)(CHWN 60 – 66)        File H  (3.3MB)(60 – 63)

File I  (3.3MB)- Newspaper Cuttings   File J (4.3MB)    File K  (5.2MB)   File L (2.2MB)

File M (2.5MB)     File N (2.5MB)        File O (4MB)      File P (4.7MB)    File Q (5.2MB)

File R  (3.8MB)    File S   (1.6MB)      File T (1.8MB)    File U  (3.5MB) (CHWN 72-75)

File V  (5.1MB)   File W   (4.9MB)      File X (4.8MB)(CHWN 1)

File Y  (0.1MB) (All CHWN)               File Z (0.3MB)

(CWHN and COTD) CHWN = Copies of Handwritten Notes.   COTD = Copies of Original Typed Documents