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The Anti-racism Myth: A Flight into a Cuckoo’s Nest is now available.

The inside story of the struggle  an Asian woman lecturer had at Bournville College, Birmingham, and the numerous schemes employed by officers and officials of the union – NATFHE, to cover up the harassment. It also deals with the involvement of the Birmingham Labour Council.

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B Weaver v Birmingham City Council/Bournville College.

The documents expose the failure of successive managements of Bournville College to act in defence of an Asian woman lecturer harassed by members of staff, who also held lay officer posts in the union – the National Association of Teachers in Further and Higher Education. It also shows the involvement of senior Birmingham Labour Party councillors in an attempt to cover up the results of the findings of a Local Education enquiry.

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Young Blacks, Political Groups and the Police in Handsworth [added June 2007]

An account of the developments in Handsworth, Birmingham , that led eventually to the Handsworth protests of 1985. It covers the role of the police in its attempt to isolate young Blacks in Handsworth and the attempts of leftist political groups to attract these discontented and alienated Black youth into their political orbit. This is a must for students and others interested in the history of the politics of race in the UK.

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Conan Doyle and The Parson’s Son [added feb05] [updated June 2007]

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Reviews of Conan Doyle

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This account covers the period from 1876 when Reverend Shapurji Edalji, a Parsee convert to Christianity, became vicar of St Mark’s Church in Great Wyrley, until well into 1912 when the case was still causing conflict between Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Edalji’s champion, and Captain Anson, the second son of the Earl of Lichfield and Chief Constable of Staffordshire, who was the arch opponent of the Edalji family, disturbed about a ‘Hindoo parson’ being the parish vicar in an outpost of his fiefdom.

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